Christmas Tree Containers, Boxes, Bags, Bins, and more!

Are you looking for a Christmas tree container? Maybe some type of storage bag, or stackable bin to replace that old cardboard box? has a full line of storage bags for any size artificial Christmas tree – even bags for small potted foyer entrance trees! Take a look around our store, we guarantee that you’ll find just the right bag to easily your tree.

The cardboard box that your Christmas tree came in most generally begins to break apart, it rips, and who can actually get their tree back into the box any way?! We don’t recommend that you store your tree in containers such as, bins, tubs, boxes, cases, or trunks – all of these containers can be really difficult to lift and only add extra weight. If you plan to move your tree alone or with your husband/wife, we recommend using a bag to store your tree.

Quality tree bags are strong, light, and have rolling wheels. It is not worth your time and/or money buying a bag without wheels, or a cheap bag that is less than $50. Fabric is the key element to a long lasting durable storage bag – cheap bags are sure to rip and puncture, its just a matter of time!

Here are just a few of our Christmas tree storage bags:

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Our TreeKeeper Bag arrived today and we immediately filled it with our 9 ft tree and it was perfect (of course we took our tree apart 1st). The bag is strong, but lightweight. We were easily able to lift the bag, tree & all up to its spot about 6ft from the floor. Perfect. Item #TK-10121
    Rosemary- Vail, AZ

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